» Quality

The quality of our products and our services, always have been one of the most important pillars on which the Mazel S.A. relies on.

With an internal quality control laboratory, of last generation, based on the most modern technologies available, makes the necessary determinations to validate the quality of raw-material and the finished product.

Mazel S.A. has a fully computerized system, used for tracking and responding to the demanding European standards, which will be effective starting in 2016.

Mazel pursues a policy of continuous improvement of the quality standards of its products and services.

On the 26th of September, 2011, Mazel received the certificate ISO 22000 – 2005 – System Safety Management.

The implementation of this standard allows to demonstrate the ability to control hazards, provide safe products, and ensuring food safety.

The implementation of a system of food safety management has several advantages:

• Allows better identification of potential risks that may occur in various stages of manufacture of Food Composite, allowing the definition of ways to prevent and control these risks;

• Avoid the appearance of public health problems such as food poisoning, where the direct and indirect costs can be high;

• Allow greater identification and distribution of domestic responsibilities, thus allowing each employee to become aware of its importance and function within the Organization;

• Allow increase customer satisfaction.