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The Principles of our Success…

Evolutionary logic

Mazel, SA. was born around the middle of the 1988, in Albergaría-a-Velha, devoted then to the manufacture of compound feed for animals.

The intention was always to assume a position of differentiation and market leadership, using our quality of products, services and process of composing.

We believe in creating and disseminating an image of quality to our customers as an organization, in accordance with the standards, giving them significant gains incompetitive advantage.

In Mazel, SA. there has been a concern to ensure sustained growth, embodied in a strategy of upgrading its equipment to take a flexible production structure and competitive compared to other competitors in the industry.

Such growth is not due to any particularly aggressive marketing effort, but the quality of services provided, with a corresponding satisfaction and customer loyalty. It has led the company’s success and its increasing availability in the market.